Selected Topics:

Thermoelectric heat engine

Thermodynamics and Information

Self-propelled particle

Vesicles in flow

Membrane Adhesion

Hidden degree of freedom



Hauptseminar "Stochastic Thermodynamics"

in summer semester 2018


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Date Time Topic Speaker Supervisor
03 May 2018 15h45 Stochastic energetics, stochastic entropy and the second law Grant Cates Basile Nguyen
17 May 2018 15h45 Jarzynski relation and Crooks fluctuation theorem Tharathep Plienbumrung Basile Nguyen
07 June 2018 15h45 F1-ATPase K. Murty Lukas Fischer
14 June 2018 15h45 Large deviations theory Jan Ertl Matthias Uhl
21 June 2018 15h45 Large deviations on a ring Tobias Mielich Matthias Uhl
12 July 2018 15h45 Maxwell demon and feedback Jan van der Meer Basile Nguyen
19 July 2018 15h45 Nernst motor and ballistic transport Steven Siegel Lukas Fischer