Selected Topics:

Thermoelectric heat engine

Thermodynamics and Information

Self-propelled particle

Vesicles in flow

Membrane Adhesion

Hidden degree of freedom


Group Members


Head of Institute
Name Phone +49-(0)711 685 - Room eMail
Prof. Dr. Udo Seifert 64927, 64926 3.353
Anja Steinhauser



Post Docs and PhD Students
Name Tel. +49-(0)711 685 - Room eMail
Lukas Fischer M.Sc. 64918 3.153
Basile Nguyen M.Sc. 64930 3.346
Oliver Niggemann M.Sc. 64940 3.560
Lukas Oberreiter M.Sc. 64937 3.559
Patrick Pietzonka M.Sc. 64917 3.157
Matthias Uhl M.Sc 64919 3.154
Dipl.-Phys. Robert Wulfert 64916 3.158


BSc and MSc Students
Name Phone +49-(0)711 685 - Room eMail
Andreas Ehrmann B.Sc. 64938 3.345
Jonas Foglszinger 64923 3.150
Timur Koyuk B.Sc. 64929 3.156
Christoph Lohrmann B.Sc. 64929 3.156


Former members with career in academia
Name Year Former status Now
Sebastian Goldt 2014-2018 Ph. D. Student Université Paris-Saclay
David Hartich 2010-2017 Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Ph. D. Student MPI-BPC, Göttingen
Kay Brandner 2010-2015 Diploma, Ph. D. Student Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
Andre C. Barato 2012-2015 Postdoc MPI-PKS, Dresden
Benedikt Sabass 2009-2012 Ph. D. Student Forschungszentrum Jülich
Punyabrata Pradhan 2009-2011 Postdoc S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, India
Ana-Suncana Smith 2002-2004

Ph. D. Student,
co-supervised with E. Sackmann

Research Associate
Universität Erlangen
Thomas Speck 2004-2008 Diploma, Ph. D. Student & Postdoc Universität Mainz
Florian Berger 2007-2008 Diploma Student Rockefeller University, New York, USA
Zhanchun Tu 2006-2007 Humboldt Fellow Beijing Normal University, China
Andreas Hanke 2003 Postdoc University of Texas at Brownsville, USA